Welcome! If this is your first step towards earning your degree, be assured that this is a choice you will not be sorry for. Earning a degree is so much more than simply advancing a career, earning more money, or having that piece of paper for your wall. A degree is an investment you make in yourself, to better yourself, and to better your world.

I am presently a PhD student. I have been in college for many years and have had the pleasure of using my degree work to further my career and advance my standing in my profession. This blog site aims to aid you in navigating the sometimes confusing world of enrollment, registration and everything that has to do with getting a degree.

The College

One of the things that this blog can aid you in deciding is which college to go to. The best course of action in this matter is to determine what type of degree you are wanting to get. What degree will aid you in getting the advancement you want in work, or maybe even switching to a better paying career path?

Another thing that you will need to decide is if the traditional campus setting is right for you or if an online school is bets. Maybe you will find that a school that integrates both type of learning atmospheres is best for you. How much time do you have to dedicate to the classes and the coursework, and can you travel to the campus?


The choice to get a degree will eventually make more money for you in the long run, but in the here and now one must determine how they will pay for the degree. Courses cost money. So do books, paper, pens, and other necessary tools for studying and getting that degree.

Will you use financial aid? Do you qualify for financial aid?Will a loan be the best avenue for you? Maybe you have the ability to get a scholarship or a grant to return to school? These are all very important facets to earning that degree. If you cannot pay for it, it means that you either must put it off until arrangements can be made, or find the funding for it.


Another avenue that should be considered is if the individual has the requirements to attend a college. Have you taken an SAT test? Do you have prior college or high school transcripts available. Sometimes the person must take remedial classes in order to get to the required courses for a degree. Remember that every class will cost money, so this will cost money as well.

No matter what the issue or the concern, this blog can aid in acquiring the answers that are needed. A degree is the way to a better life. Job opportunities will be opened up, and the ability to make better money doing something you love to do will be available as well.