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Finding An Easy Vacuum To Carry Up Stairs: Reading The Reviews


Vacuum cleaning is not something I hate to do in my home because I love to have a clean house. The only thing I do mind is carrying the vacuum up the three flights of stairs in my home. I am a petite woman and it takes up a lot of my energy to drag the heavy vacuum up the stairs every time I finish cleaning on each floor.

When I decided to do something about this dilemma of the heavy and cumbersome to carry vacuum, I thought the best thing to do would be to read reviews on before purchasing a new vacuum. Though vacuum cleaners do list the weight of the vacuum under the product specs, it is not just the weight of the vacuum that mattered in this instance. I also needed to know if it was easy to carry. Some vacuums have long cords that don’t retract and bulky suction tubes that can get in the way when taking them up the many stairs.

Reading the reviews was really a good idea so I could get a better understanding of how the vacuum felt in the hand, so I could imagine how it would feel to take it up the stairs. In the end, I was able to determine that having a retractable cord and a sleek suction tube was as important as the weight of the vacuum. Reading the consumer reviews really helped me to make the right decision about which vacuum to choose.

I Am Going Back To School

I was recently looking for a helpful site for artists education. I was interested in going back to school for graphic designing. I knew that most jobs today require computers and I enjoyed doing computer related tasks. I really liked creating graphics but I didn’t know as much as I would like to know about graphic designing. That is what lead me to searching for a school and information.

I resided in Georgia so I was excited when I found this website It allowed me to find graphic designing schools within my area. The website informed me that there was a high demand for graphic designers. It reassured me that I was making a good decision by going to school to peruse a career within this field.

I knew that a big part of graphic designing for me was that I got to express my creativity. I wanted to do my best in school that way I created opportunities and contacts. I knew that school would be great. I could learn more about graphic designing while being able to network. 21st Century Scholars: Courtney Knies – was a website I came across while doing research on schools for graphic designing.

I found out that ut graphic design offered information on admission requirements and courses that will be taken. This gave me a better insight of what school would be like for me. After all the research I decided that going to school for graphic design was one of the best decisions that I could make. I can’t wait to start classes and soon start my new career in graphic designing.

What my education has accomplished

As soon as I turned 15 and was able to obtain a work permit, I would spend two hours a day after school and six hours every Saturday cleaning machinery and doing janitorial work at my step father’s tool and die shop. I fell in love with the filthy atmosphere. In my mind, dirt and filth represented hard work. I would clean around cnc machinery that was used to fabricate metal products. Within a few weeks I became an expert at operating overhead cranes and fork trucks. The men that worked at my step father’s shop went out of their way to begin teaching me things about the machines they operated and secrets about the trade.

As I got older and spent more and more time in that filthy tool shop, I knew that I had found my calling. I had already chosen my career field before my second year of high school began. I loved my job so much that even when I was not on the clock working, I would spend the majority of my time at the shop learning and absorbing as much as I could about the machinery that we used. The men who I worked with that had become like family to me started suggesting different classes I should take every semester that would help me prepare for the newer technology and computers that my step dad was using to replace some of our older equipment.

Growing up knowing where I was going to work and what I would be doing to earn a living, I did not put a lot of thought into college. One day when the topic was brought up during our break at work, one of the guys asked me, “do you want to spend your entire career cleaning the machines, or are you going to get the education you need to operate one of them?” From that day forward, receiving a college education became my most important priority. I finally took the time to notice that the employees at the shop who had received a college degree were making more money, appeared to be more productive with their time, and were most importantly happy with what they were doing with their lives.

Since graduating high school, I have received a few college degrees making it possible to climb the corporate ladder at our family’s tool shop. After high school I worked my way through two years of college to become one of our 13 cnc machine programmers at the time. A couple of years later I received another degree that allowed me to become the supervisor of the 18 people in my department. I then went back for a third degree in business management, which played a part in my step father’s decision to make me the vice president of our company that now employs over 90 people. Every now and then I can still be found cleaning machinery in order to get dirty enough to convince my wife that I have had a hard day at work. I love my job. I also love my education that has made everything possible.

Embarking On A New Career Can Be Quite Exciting

Ever since I was in my early teens, I’ve had a strong interest in motorcycles. Currently, I own a 2003 Harley Sportster and a 1973 Triumph Tiger. Just recently, I finally decided to enroll in a motorcycle repair school and I’m very glad that I did so.

For the past few years, I’ve been working at a fast food restaurant located a couple of miles from my home. I really don’t mind working there, but my income is barely enough to survive on. Many times, I’d thought about working with motorcycles, but was never motivated enough to do something about it.

After seeing several TV commercials for a well-known motorcycle repair school in my home state, I decided to contact the school via their web site.

After filling out a form asking for more infomation about their courses, an admissions representative got in touch with me.

I spoke with the admissions representative on the telephone and he sent an email that contained information about the school and the various courses that are offered.

We also discussed the different types of financial aid that are available, as well as the large amounts of money I can earn as a motorcycle mechanic. By completing the program and receiving my motorcycle mechanic certificate, I can not only earn much more money than I make now, but I can also gain more career satisfaction.

A few days later, I toured the school campus and decided to improve my life by enrolling in the school. Now, I’m in my third week at the school and I’m loving it.

For the first time in years, I feel like I’m doing something that makes a difference. I used to feel like I was only good for cooking French fries and burgers. Since enrolling in the motorcycle repair school, I feel like I’m embarking on a career that really matters.

Although I’m still working at the restaurant, I plan on being a motorcycle mechanic after I graduate from school. I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning now, because I’m so excited about going to school to learn about something that I really enjoy doing.

What Degree Not To Pursue

The increased costs of college make it necessary for indivduals to choose their degree options wisely. Not going to school use to be expensive, but now getting a useless degree can cost far more. The cost of an education is increasing faster than inflation, causing the cost of getting a degree to be more expensive for everyone. Expect for those lucky enough to have grants, free aid, and/or a scholarship. If you’re paying for college your Return On Investment (ROI) is calculated by the cost of your education and divide if over 30 years of work experience.

(4) College Degree’s That Are Impractical

Sociology, in fact is a great degree, but it doesn’t return a huge investment. Most people that study sociology want to help their fellow man. However, the job market doesn’ thave the highest return over a 30 year stretch of employment. Most sociology majors go into social work, correction officers, and/or drug & alcohol dependency counselors. Salaries range from $47,00 a year to $56,000. However, this doesn’t not add up to the cost of getting a degree in sociology.

A Fine Arts degree, is another bad degree choice on your investment. Sure, art is pretty, celebrated, and highly revered. The truth is, many artist end up with the “”the starving artist”” title. The trick to becoming a successful artist is trying to accomplish stardom while you’re alive. Many artist don’t receive recognition for their artistic abilities until they’re no longer with us. There is no way to return on your investment in this lifetime like that. Some artist go on to be graphic designers, with a 30 year earning of over 2 million dollars, but when you calculate this total verus your degree and overall life expenses. It doesn’t give a high return on your investment.

It is no secret that you pay a lot of money to become a teacher. The field of education is highly sought after, but it doesn’t have a substantial return on the investmeent that it cost to get an education. A typical education degree with cost you $30,000 or more. Usually, people that are in the education field become a daycare teacher, elementary teacher, and/or college profession. Their salaries range from $27,000 to $52,000 a year. When you calculate this over a 30 year period you haven’t made a huge return on your invest, but you’re shaping the minds of tomorrow.

Hospitality and tourism are very bad college degree choices because the work is minimal and you don’t earn as much as you’ve invested into you college degree. They’ve always said; “”It doesn’t pay to be hospitable.”” Lets see… Indivduals in hospitality end up as an event planner, hotel resident manager, or catering manager. However, their salaries range between $45,000 to $50,000 a year. The cost to get a Hospitality/Tourism degree doesn’t bring in a huge investment. Unfortunately, you end up working hard and others reap the benefits.

What Post Secondary Education Meant for My Future

I remember sitting in high school, thinking about my future and wondering where I would end up once I graduated. I had big plans. I wanted to go to Harvard, which I realize was unrealistic, but at least I had aspirations. My high school offered a post secondary option to attend the local community college early for those students that had qualifying grades and exam scores. So, of course, I began the process of enrolling in the program. It would give me two years of free college, since I would be starting college courses at the beginning of my junior year of high school.

Honestly, it was scary at first. I was a sixteen year old kid taking classes with people that were ten years older than me. Some of them already had kids of their own, and others talked about getting drunk every weekend.

It was liberating in a way, though. I had always found school to be a piece of cake, and was always at the top of my class. Here was something more challenging. The classes were harder, geared for those students that were ten years older than me and had more experience with schooling. It was also unique in that I was able to determine what hours I wanted to be in class instead of attending at the mandated times set by the government.

It was also an opportunity that would bolster my future. I grew up in a single parent household, and my mom was trying to support four of us. There wasn’t a lot of money to go around, and if I wanted to go to college, I was going to have to do it on my own. That was a daunting thought. I didn’t have a job because I was in too many extracurricular activities, so I had no money of my own coming in. When I got accepted into the post secondary program, it was like getting a leg up into furthering my education.

The post secondary program allowed me to test the proverbial waters of what college was like. It gave me experiences I never would have had if I had stayed in my high school. I was able to test out what sorts of classes I liked, and to get the initial indecisiveness of what I wanted to major in out of the way. I took pre-requisite classes that could do to any degree, while also exploring classes of specific degrees. It opened my eyes to what I wanted to do with my future. Post secondary education was one of the best things that I ever could have done when it came to my education and my future.