Finding An Easy Vacuum To Carry Up Stairs: Reading The Reviews


Vacuum cleaning is not something I hate to do in my home because I love to have a clean house. The only thing I do mind is carrying the vacuum up the three flights of stairs in my home. I am a petite woman and it takes up a lot of my energy to drag the heavy vacuum up the stairs every time I finish cleaning on each floor.

When I decided to do something about this dilemma of the heavy and cumbersome to carry vacuum, I thought the best thing to do would be to read reviews on before purchasing a new vacuum. Though vacuum cleaners do list the weight of the vacuum under the product specs, it is not just the weight of the vacuum that mattered in this instance. I also needed to know if it was easy to carry. Some vacuums have long cords that don’t retract and bulky suction tubes that can get in the way when taking them up the many stairs.

Reading the reviews was really a good idea so I could get a better understanding of how the vacuum felt in the hand, so I could imagine how it would feel to take it up the stairs. In the end, I was able to determine that having a retractable cord and a sleek suction tube was as important as the weight of the vacuum. Reading the consumer reviews really helped me to make the right decision about which vacuum to choose.

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