I Am Going Back To School

I was recently looking for a helpful site for artists education. I was interested in going back to school for graphic designing. I knew that most jobs today require computers and I enjoyed doing computer related tasks. I really liked creating graphics but I didn’t know as much as I would like to know about graphic designing. That is what lead me to searching for a school and information.

I resided in Georgia so I was excited when I found this website http://top-graphicdesignschools.com/georgia/. It allowed me to find graphic designing schools within my area. The website informed me that there was a high demand for graphic designers. It reassured me that I was making a good decision by going to school to peruse a career within this field.

I knew that a big part of graphic designing for me was that I got to express my creativity. I wanted to do my best in school that way I created opportunities and contacts. I knew that school would be great. I could learn more about graphic designing while being able to network. 21st Century Scholars: Courtney Knies – IN.gov was a website I came across while doing research on schools for graphic designing.

I found out that ut graphic design offered information on admission requirements and courses that will be taken. This gave me a better insight of what school would be like for me. After all the research I decided that going to school for graphic design was one of the best decisions that I could make. I can’t wait to start classes and soon start my new career in graphic designing.

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