What Degree Not To Pursue

The increased costs of college make it necessary for indivduals to choose their degree options wisely. Not going to school use to be expensive, but now getting a useless degree can cost far more. The cost of an education is increasing faster than inflation, causing the cost of getting a degree to be more expensive for everyone. Expect for those lucky enough to have grants, free aid, and/or a scholarship. If you’re paying for college your Return On Investment (ROI) is calculated by the cost of your education and divide if over 30 years of work experience.

(4) College Degree’s That Are Impractical

Sociology, in fact is a great degree, but it doesn’t return a huge investment. Most people that study sociology want to help their fellow man. However, the job market doesn’ thave the highest return over a 30 year stretch of employment. Most sociology majors go into social work, correction officers, and/or drug & alcohol dependency counselors. Salaries range from $47,00 a year to $56,000. However, this doesn’t not add up to the cost of getting a degree in sociology.

A Fine Arts degree, is another bad degree choice on your investment. Sure, art is pretty, celebrated, and highly revered. The truth is, many artist end up with the “”the starving artist”” title. The trick to becoming a successful artist is trying to accomplish stardom while you’re alive. Many artist don’t receive recognition for their artistic abilities until they’re no longer with us. There is no way to return on your investment in this lifetime like that. Some artist go on to be graphic designers, with a 30 year earning of over 2 million dollars, but when you calculate this total verus your degree and overall life expenses. It doesn’t give a high return on your investment.

It is no secret that you pay a lot of money to become a teacher. The field of education is highly sought after, but it doesn’t have a substantial return on the investmeent that it cost to get an education. A typical education degree with cost you $30,000 or more. Usually, people that are in the education field become a daycare teacher, elementary teacher, and/or college profession. Their salaries range from $27,000 to $52,000 a year. When you calculate this over a 30 year period you haven’t made a huge return on your invest, but you’re shaping the minds of tomorrow.

Hospitality and tourism are very bad college degree choices because the work is minimal and you don’t earn as much as you’ve invested into you college degree. They’ve always said; “”It doesn’t pay to be hospitable.”” Lets see… Indivduals in hospitality end up as an event planner, hotel resident manager, or catering manager. However, their salaries range between $45,000 to $50,000 a year. The cost to get a Hospitality/Tourism degree doesn’t bring in a huge investment. Unfortunately, you end up working hard and others reap the benefits.

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